Why grapes are considered the best in fruits.

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Grape is a fruit.  Grapes are a strong and beautiful fruit.  Grape fruit is as nutritious as mother's milk.  Why grapes are considered the best in fruits.  It is equally useful for everyone, weak, strong, healthy, unwell etc.  It grows in large bunches on grape vines.  Grapes can also be eaten directly,



  Grapes are a strong and beautiful fruit.  Grape fruit is as nutritious as mother's milk.  Grape is considered the best in fruits.  It is equally useful for everyone, weak, strong, healthy, unwell etc.  There are many diseases in which no substance is given to the patient.  Grape fruit can also be given in it.  The ripe grapefruit has a cold, sweet and aloe.  It makes the spur pure and beneficial to the eyes.  Grapes are seminal, blood cleansing, blood boosting and reducing fruit.  Grapes are rich in water, sugar, sodium, potassium, citric acid, fluoride, potassium sulfate, magnesium and iron.  Grapes are very useful for removing the weakness of the heart.  The patient should eat grapes regularly.  Consumption of grapes removes phlegm accumulated in the lungs, it also helps in cough.  Grapes are also beneficial in nausea, nervousness and dizziness.  Use of grapes is also beneficial in respiratory diseases and air diseases.  It is also beneficial in nose and urine blockage.  The grape syrup is "" nectar equivalent "".  In case of bleeding from any part of the body, drinking two spoons of honey in a glass of grape juice mixed with blood loss can be accomplished by the loss of blood.  Grape pulp is "rich in glucose and sugar".  Consumption of grapes in sufficient quantity of vitamin "A" increases "appetite", maintains digestive power, makes eyes, hair and skin shiny.  Purple (black) grapefruit juice is as effective as the "aspirin" pill to avoid heart attacks.  "Asprin" does not allow blood clots to form.  Purple (black) grape juice contains an element called "flavonideus" and does the same.  Lack of potassium causes a lot of hair breakage.  Teeth begin to move, the skin becomes loose and dull, joints begin to have pain and stiffness.  The grape keeps all these diseases away.  Grapes help in drying of pimples and pimples.  Gargling with grape juice provides relief in mouth sores and ulcers.  There is no medicine higher than grapes in anemia.  In case of vomiting and nausea, add some salt and pepper to the grapes and drink.  To calm stomach heat, soak 20-25 grapes in water at night and mash them in the morning and squeeze a little sugar in this juice and drink it.  In arthritis, grapes should be consumed.  Its intake is very beneficial because it removes those elements from the body that cause arthritis.  Consumption of grapes strengthens bones.  Boil the juice of grape leaves in water and mix black salt and drink it, it also provides great relief in pain of kidneys.  Drinking grapefruit juice after half an hour of food increases blood and relieves diseases like flatulence, indigestion etc. within a few days.  Dripping two-three drops of grape juice into the nose stops bleeding from the nose.



  The cultivation of grapes started from India 5000-8000 years ago.  [1]



  Grape vine displayed in stone carving


  Grape vine displayed in stone carving

  Edit grape therapy

  Grape medicine is also known as Ampillotherapy (Ancient Greek "Amphilos" ie "Wine").  It is a form of naturopathy or alternative medicine, in which grapes are used in large quantities, using grape seeds, fruits, and leaves. Although there are some limited positive benefits from consuming grapes for health purposes.  There is evidence, but there are some extreme claims as well, such as grape therapy, the cure of cancer is possible but these claims are merely satire of quacks.  There are positive claims.  [2]


  The effect of health on wine ”is determined primarily by its active ingredient alcohol.  [3] [4] According to some studies, drinking small amounts of "wine" (one standard drink per day for women and one to two standard drinks per day for men) is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, mellitus, metabolic syndrome  And the risk of early death is less.  [5] However, no such effect was found in other studies.  According to New Scientific Data and Research, Dr. Pankaj Mulay has listed the benefits from controlled intake of wine. [6] Higher intake of wine than standard drink volume, causes heart disease, high blood pressure, arterial  There is an increased risk of fibrillation, stroke and cancer.  [7] There has also been mixed results in cancer mortality due to the consumption of very small amounts of wine.


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