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   IQ, EQ, SQ, AQ


   ..... According to psychologists, there are four types of intelligence:


   1) Intelligence quotient

   2) Emotional part (EQ)

   )) Social Energy (Class)

   )) Adverse Condition (AQ)


   1.  Intelligence quotient (IQ): It is a measure of your comprehension ability ", solve mathematics, remember things and subjects.


   2.  Emotional energy (EQ): It is a measure of your ability to be at peace with others;  Take care of time;  To be responsible;  be honest;  Range of range;  Be polite, genuine and thoughtful.


   Social.  Social Energy (Class):

   It is a measure of your ability to build and maintain a network of friends over a long period of time.


   People with high EQ and SQ have higher life expectancy than those with higher IQ but lower EQ and SQ.  While most schools capitalize on improving IQ levels, EQ and SQ are given below.


   A person with high intelligence, even if he has average intelligence, is employed by a person with high intelligence and class.


   Your EQ represents your characters;  Your SQ represents your charisma.  Put in three habits that can improve but especially your EQ and SQ.


   EQ and SQ manage more than one.


   Please teach children not only high IQ but also high EQ and SQ.


   Now there is a 4:

   A new pattern


   .  Adverse condition (AQ):

   Measure your ability to get out of the rough patch of your life and get out without losing your mind.

   AQ determines who will face adverse circumstances and leave their family.

   In the current context of Corona, many commercially successful people are on the road to depression.  Because they have not seen and therefore they are not ready for adverse situations.



   Bringing children in areas other than education.  They should worship manual work, games and art.


    Develop their EQ, SQ and AQ.  They should become multilingual people who are capable of doing their parents' things independently.


   Finally, do not build a road for children.  Prepare children for the road.

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