Today we will learn about the open garden of butterflies.

Butterfly Garden *


  Who wouldn’t love to see butterflies fluttering around you?  But under the Indian Wildlife Act, 1972, butterflies are not allowed to be kept in enclosed habitats.  Against this backdrop, the importance of an open butterfly garden is even more pronounced.  Such an open garden can be done in your available space, yard, premises.  Landscaping needs to be planned from the beginning when building an open butterfly garden.  This should include systematically planned pathways for wandering in the park, arranging for a lot of crows to fall, and so on.  The second stage of planning is to plant the right plants.  Butterflies need certain species of ‘edible plants’ or ‘host plants’ to lay their eggs and then hatch out of those eggs;  Butterflies that have hatched out and are fully grown need nectar from the flowers of certain species of plants as their food.  Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate both these types of plants in the terrain you have decided.


  There are many edible plants of butterflies like Mango, Chinch, Peru, Custard apple, Ashoka, Kusum, Arjuna, Neem, Bahawa, Apta as well as Curry, Lemon, Panfuti, Kaner, Rui, Hemp etc.  Plants like Sadafuli, Rita, Jamaican Spike, Ghaneri, Axora, Bougainvillea, Raktakanchan, Haldikunku are also useful.  In a garden where there is direct sunlight, large loose rocks should be deliberately formed.  Butterflies are especially fond of sitting on it.  Butterflies settle in the mud in summer and absorb salts and essential minerals from the soil, an action called ‘mud padling’;  However, experience has shown that butterflies do not come to the forest for a long time.  Some rhubarb butterflies just love the juice from the street fruit.  Therefore, you must keep overripe or street fruits in your garden.


  In most of the buildings, even in the home, a garden is created in the gallery / terrace.  At such times, if trees like curry leaves, lemon, marigold, evergreen, jasmine are planted in the pot, the number of butterflies will definitely increase.  By creating a garden in the house or in the open space of the building in such a way, we can also nurture an important element in the food chain, the house butterfly.

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