The great man

A long long ago not very long.A buddha along with his assistants going to a village to see and bless the people in the village.All the people of the village came to buddha and got blessed by buddha and many of the people gave gold,food,vegetables etc to the buddha,But buddha didn't accept anything from the people,He gave back all the things back to people of the village. This shows his honesty. Later the buddha along with his assistants he left the village. When he was going in his way there was a man who drinked well and scolded the buddha by talking bad words. Buddha didn't say anything to him and keep walking in his way. When his assistants asked buddha "Why you didn't say anything to that guy" Buddha said that,in the village the people gave many things to me, but I didn't take anything from them. This thing is also like that. I have the words he had speaked on me to him. We can understand a message from this story "Be polite to everything".Like our Great Buddha.


M.bala prahadhish


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