The benefits of Onion

Hi friends at first take my salam and love.Hope you are fine by the grace of Allah.Today i am going to share with you the benefits of Onion .So,let's get started.

Onion is a bulbous vegetable. It is also used as a spice. Onions are seen in the market all the year round. Its scientific name is Oliam Sopa. Onion is a very valuable crop in Bangladesh. In addition to spices, it is used as a vegetable and salad. Onion leaves and stalks are rich in Vitamin-C and Calcium.It also contains other food ingredients. It is generally a crop suitable for cold climates and in Bangladesh onion is mainly grown during Rabi season.


Onions are rich in vitamins A, B and C. They are also a good source of folic acid. They also contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and chromium. Since onions have so many nutrients, there is no doubt about its benefits.



Nutritional value of onion: A large onion contains 7.8 per cent water, 1.2 per cent protein, 11.6 per cent sugar, 0.17 per cent calcium and 0.04 per cent phosphorus.


Usually we throw away the skin of the onion when we cut the onion. But the part of the onion that we throw away is the brown peel or more useful.



Benefits of onion: 1. The phytochemicals (vitamins, proteins, minerals) found in onions supply vitamin C to our body and increase the body's resistance to disease.


2. The chromium present in onions controls the amount of sugar in the blood in our body.



3. For hundreds of years, onions have helped us to cure heartburn and any kind of infection.


4. Many people like to eat raw onions with khabar which is quite beneficial for health. Raw onions control our body's cholesterol and keep our heart healthy.



5.Curectin in onions plays an important role in preventing the formation of cancer cells in our body. 



6. If the bee has bitten any epart of the body, apply onion juice on that place and you will see that the burning sensation will be reduced.



7.Onions contain ingredients that reduce the risk of gastric ulcer in the body.



8 . Onion green leaves (onion leaves) are rich in vitamin A. Which is quite beneficial for our eyes.


9. Benefits of the circulatory system of the heart -

Adding onion to food or eating onion juice prevents blood clotting. It prevents hardening of arteries and various diseases including heart disease. Onions help reduce homocysteine ​​levels and prevent any heart related problems from escalating.


10. Anti-inflammatory - Onion has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in preventing arthritis and gout. 



11. Disinfectant- Due to the disinfectant properties of onion, it plays a very important role in preventing E. coli and Salmonella bacterial infections. Onion juice is also quite beneficial for urinary tract infections like cystitis.



12. Allergy prevention- The antihistamine called Quercetin in onions is beneficial for asthma. In addition, quercetin in onions is relatively easily absorbed from quercetin from any other source and keeps blood circulation normal. 



13. Respiratory Diseases - Onion juice is also the best home remedy for common ailments like cold and cough. The oil in the middle of the onion not only helps to reduce mucus but also prevents it. It is also quite useful for preventing bronchitis, blood clotting and metabolic infections.



14. Osteoporosis- Onions are a good source of calcium. Studies have shown that onions contain a substance that prevents bone loss, so onions help maintain bone in our body and prevent osteoporosis or osteoporosis.




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