Tea, chai, arbata, chaj – One of the most famous drink of Tamil Nadu. The loving energy drink of people from 16 to 60. It is a mind refresher for all working people. There are three types of tea. The morning life of TN parents is incomplete without milk tea. The life of the old age people is incomplete without black tea. And the life of adult who is very conscious about the diet is incomplete without green tea.


Tea is considered to be the best consumed drink after water.

It was scientifically proven that drinking black tea three times a day, reduces the risk of stroke and also prevents the growth of cancer calls like skin cancer, breast cancer etc.,

And tea has a various anti-oxidants that cleanse our body.

It increases the chances of gastric ulcers.

Over-drinking of tea leads to iron deficiency and anemia.

Tea has both its advantages and disadvantages. So, always remember Too much of anything is good for nothing

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