See full details of what Android mobile phone does.

What does an Android phone do?


 As a device or a facility becomes available, there is a desire to get more facilities through it.  When the TV came, it was black and white.  There was only one channel.  The program was broadcast three to four hours a day.  Then came the color, the programs of many channels began to be broadcast.  Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Then it could be hung on the wall without having to be placed on the table.  Now he got a DVD player.  It also included the Internet.  It also became three-dimensional.  One or many


  The same thing happened with mobile phones.  It became possible to send not only sound but also text messages, visual pictures and even movies through it.  In order to increase its expansion, the Internet was also included.  That's why Google developed a new software called Android.  It has become the controller of that phone i.e. the operating system. 


   The mobile phone running on this mantra is called Android phone.  The code on which this mantra is based has been made public by Google without leaving it a secret.  So it became possible to create many new services, games that were compatible with it.  At the same time, Google started encouraging the creation of such new applications.  So then the scope of this Android phone started increasing day by day.  New applications have been created and they can be downloaded to your phone for free.  The simple phone became a smartphone.


  Now the use of this Android phone is not limited to conversations or SMS only.  It can be used to send movies, but it can also be used to communicate in a way that the image of the person you want to talk to can be displayed on the phone.  Standing face to face can give the satisfaction of talking to each other.  The entire internet facility, including e-mail, is available from this phone.  So I keep getting e-mails even when I am away from home. 


   Everything that your home computer is used for can now be done on this handy Android phone.  What's more, some newspapers and books can be found on this phone.  Newspapers can be read on the way to the office.  Travel can be studied by reading books.  Cricket matches can also be watched on facilities like YouTube.  In short, there is constant contact with the whole world.

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