Printing Father Johannes Gutenberg

         The father of Johannes Gutenberg Printing Johannes.

      🗽  Gutenberg was born in Germany in Ivison 1398 .He was born in Mainz.  He was a goldsmith himself .He knew the art of metal .He created letters nails from metal .They used these keys in print .He removed the prints in the city of Menge.

  1.         Printing startedTherefore, Johannes Gutenberg is known as the 'father of print'.  Printed "Bible" in his printing press in Ivison 14 56 in the city of Gutenberg Manage.

       🌏  Printing started 🌏

      William Caxton founded the printing press in England.  With the industrialization, the printing business is progressing.  The printing of thousands of texts was done through the printing press .The color printing started from the year 1457. 

            👨‍💻  Printing Progress 👨‍💻

      Europe America America The Printing Press was established in countries across Asia and Africa.

        Gutenberg's letters were initially used in the printing press .Then there were several changes to the printing press.  Color printing began and images began to be used .This is called 'System Press' .The printing materials used to print large volumes of printing rolls were used in the printing press .

          The printers used offset printing, screen printing, laser printing, digital printing and today 3D printing.  Is going to happen .Your literature is about thoughts, ideas or letters  Prints are printed indoors on paper or on certain types of materials in the form of pas.  Prints of newspapers, magazines, books, posters, etc.  Today, computers and modern machine materials are being used for printing.  Today printing is gaining momentum and thousands of millions of print prints per hour have been developed.

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