How to do environmental education and teaching.

Environmental education and teaching


  Ecology or environmental studies is not a subject to be taught in a straightforward way within the four walls of a certain class within the limits of a certain class.  Therefore, in order to inculcate in the students a sense of belonging to nature and the environment, the concerned teacher should also convey the subject to the students in a creative and harmonious manner.  The subject can be effectively taught through posing questions to students, engaging them in discussions, motivating them to learn from actual experience, and many more.  In addition to the annual study tour, local study tours should be organized.  This benefits the students a lot.  The curriculum should have the potential to create a generation of intellectually, technically and ideologically competent youth to address environmental issues at the local and regional levels.

 Provides necessary and useful knowledge to successfully address the overall problems and challenges in the field of environment, builds the skills to acquire the necessary skills and develops positive environmental attitudes, values ​​and environmental ethics in students and enables them to take environmental action for sustainable development.  Motivational curriculum is environmental education '' - There are some concrete, important standards in the field of environmental education curriculum based on this definition in the Tbilisi Declaration.

  The idea that environmental education should be given in an open manner has been gaining ground in recent times.  The need of the hour is to create a special curriculum for children, youth and others who have failed in their academic careers for any reason, regardless of age, educational background or any other educational background.  Is happening.


  Students who graduate with a formal education in environmental science or environmental studies can run such environmental literacy campaigns through NGOs.  There are some environmental NGOs that run such ‘open environmental schools’.  Students who have learned from this are playing an important role in environmental conservation today.  Many people who have failed in their school or college education but have sincere faith in nature and environment today seem to be fully immersed in nature and environment protection and conservation work.  Such citizens need our environment, nature today.

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