There are multiple ways to make money from home - or specifically, make money online. What you do will really depend on how much you want to make, what your skill set is, how much time you have to dedicate to it and so on.

For example, for a small amount of money, you may want to join online survey sites. You won’t make much at all, but many people make there first few dollars online this way. One “all round” site that I like is Swagbucks because you can make money just by using their search engine. This isn’t for making a real income, but just a bit on the side.

For many, people get started online by freelancing. You can write blog posts or articles for people - or maybe you could get into proofreading or editing. A place I go to find freelancers is generally upwork.

Starting a fiverr gig is a great way to get started, because they have gigs for everything you can think of and guaranteed anyone would be able to set one up. While gigs only start at $5, you can soon add extras and then your sale value gradually will go up. It’s good to get into this now, as competition is rising all the time.

Reviewing websites - some sites pay you to check out other peoples websites and answer questions on them. This one site User-testing, that I’ve recently reviewed - pays $10 for 20 minutes work. You won’t qualify for jobs each day, but it’s a good way to build up a little side income.

You tube - set up your own channel, you can monetize it right away with google adsense. This is a slow road however, as you will need thousands of monthly views to earn a decent living from it. Many professional “youtuber’s” will suggest making a video every day. You can get started with just a webcam however, plenty of people make reasonable money without doing any flashy editing - it depends what your channel is about. Did you know a huge majority of you tube videos aren’t even monetized!?! Some people are missing out on a whole lot of money there.

Self publishing on kindle is a big one now, while competition is increasing, there is still so much opportunity self publishing and even more opportunity when you know what you’re doing and can market your books well. Many people will not even write their own books, but outsource the writing to save time.

Affiliate marketing: If you set up a website or blog surrounding a passion or interest and drive traffic to that site, there are various ways you can earn, but one of the biggest is via affiliate marketing.

This is where you earn a commission for suggesting or mentioning products or services - if someone buys something after going through your link, you earn a commission. It’s very simple because you don’t have to deal with any postage or packaging, no customer service, no returns - you’re just the middle man and as you build your site over time and gain authority, you will build up your income as you go. Affiliate marketing is a newbie friendly way of learning how to make money online and a good starting point.

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