Can rice water lighten the skin permanently?

Yes, absolutely!

Rice water is one of the natural beauty secrets born in Asia. Hundreds of years ago women used it to improve the appearance of their skin. However, this is not the water you wash the rice with before cooking.

How to prepare rice water?

You can prepare rice water is by simply soaking rice in cold water and leaving it for about an hour. Let it cool a bit more and store it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Rice water benefits for your skin skin

Darker skin tone, sunspotsacne scarsuneven tan.. All of these problems can be completely forgotten in case you apply rice water to the skin regularly.

Remember to always apply it on thoroughly cleansed skin in the morning and in the evening, and try to let it dry naturally (it takes nomore than 5 minutes).

Apply the rice water with a cotton swab and within a few weeks you will notice how your skin gets fairer gradually, while the imperfections disappear.It is also believed that rice water helps to tighten the pores and is very beneficial for eczema-prone skin.


Here’s a curious fact about the rice water: it is rich in vitamin C and A, phenols and flavonoids that fight free radicals, which makes it even more special.

Rice water can also help reduce skin irritation. Just apply the rice water with a cotton swab on the affected area and let it dry.

Repeat the procedure a couple times until the discomfort disappears.

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