A private lab in Noida described 35 healthy people as corona positive.

In the Noida Corona era, when the entire country is fighting the war against this epidemic, some private labs have made it a business of earning.  This private lab, bypassing all the guidelines of the ICMR, is collecting samples in a wrong way and putting their lives in danger.  People who are corona negative are telling these labs positive.  It is being played with people's lives for the sake of a few rupees.  A private lab of the city said that 35 healthy people are corona positive.  As a result, he had to be admitted with corona positive patients.  When the administration conducted a test from the government lab, they turned out to be corona negative.  Subsequently, the district administration has ordered an inquiry against the lab.  This is very careless.


 A senior government doctor said that on the basis of reports coming from private laboratories, patients are admitted to Kovid-19 Hospital.  On the same day, with the recruitment of the patient, the Health Department examines him again.  Its sample is taken and sent to the government laboratory.


 If the investigation report of the patient is said to be positive then his treatment continues unabated.  If the report becomes negative, he is discharged from the hospital and sent home.  Such a patient has to stay quarantined at home for the next 15 days.



 During the investigation, it has been found that there are more than 35 such people in Delhi adjoining Noida who had mild fever, cough and cold.  All of them went to private doctors near their respective homes for treatment, where they were advised to test by suspecting corona.  These people got the corona test done in a private lab.  Samples were collected by going to the homes of some people.


 In the investigation, it was found that some private lab workers went to people's homes and were collecting samples incorrectly.  He did not maintain the temperature of the sample, which led to an incorrect report. That means those who were corona negative were declared positive.  The names of these labs, which are playing with people's lives due to the lure of a few money, are-



 1- Lifeline Lab


 2- Modern Lab


 3- Star Imaging Lab


 4- oncquest lab


 5- Accuris Lab


 Noida administration has received information about 6 such labs, against whom action will be taken soon.  A lawsuit has also been filed against one of these labs.


 Actually, all these path labs are located in different areas of Delhi and Gurugram.  Their employees go to the homes of people on motorcycles and collect samples.  A test costs Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 thousand.  Despite taking such a huge amount, people were being played with their lives.


 Encourage Corona Commandos and thank them ...


 In fact, the investigation also found that these private labs have also violated the guidelines of ICMR.  Some of these labs are those that did not have the permission of the Kovid-19 test.  Despite collecting people's samples for earning, they were putting their lives at risk by giving false reports.

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